The power of the press?

This article – Did the Mail and Sun help swing the UK towards Brexit? – by the media editor at the Guardian, Jane Martinson, questions whether the tabloid press influences or reflects the views of its readers. It looks at how the Sun and the Daily Mail played on people’s fears during the Referendum campaign.

Interestingly, “Surveys show that the British people trust the papers less than their European counterparts. As recently as September one showed that 73% of people in the UK “do not tend to trust” the printed press – the highest figure among all EU member states and a staggering 23% higher than the EU average.”

Yet, as she points out, there is evidence that the press still sets the agenda. As we have now all too sadly seen.

(“It’s the Sun wot won it!” refers to the Sun’s 1992 front page headline the day after the unexpected Conservative party victory in the general election. In the run-up to polling day they had launched an attack on Neil Kinnock, the Labour Party leader.)

You’ll find much more about “Brexit – what next?” under “Louise’s Teaching Tips” on the Münchner Kommunaler Bildungsserver für Medienpädagogik website from Monday 27th June. 

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