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Mouse for sale

Mouse for Sale by Wouter Bongaerts

Mouse for sale  is a great film for practising the present simple and present progressive with younger students (Years 5/6). It’s short (only 4 minutes) and does not contain any speech, which can be a bonus at times as the students can concentrate on describing what is going on.

The words “seesaw”, “earwig”, “headphones”, “button (on the headphones)”, “peanut” or “nut” will need to be given in advance, but otherwise the students should be able to use words that they know to talk about the film. The film could also be used to revise adjectives to describe feelings.

Making up new words

Go ahead, make up new words is an entertaining six-minute talk given by the lexicographer Erin McKean in November 2014. In it, she encourages her teen audience to be creative with language and to make up new words, both as a way of expressing their ideas more clearly and as a way of grabbing people’s attention. She explains six ways in which new words are created, using humorous examples to get her point across. The video is not only a fun way to analyse how new words are created but also provides a good starting point for getting students to examine and play with language themselves.

A transcript is also available.