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The selfie craze

The media dubbed 2013 the Year of the Selfie and it was Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year too. The trend continued in 2014, with politicians, celebrities, footballers and even astronauts posting selfies on social media. And then came the selfie stick – an expandable stick on which you put your mobile phone to take a selfie. It was one of the most popular holiday gifts in the US and the UK in 2014. However, the craze now seems to have got a little out of hand and museums in the US, the UK and other countries are banning them (have a look at the cartoon in the Australian Herald Sun). This article on the bbc website includes a two-minute embedded video, which discusses selfie sticks and why they are being banned by some museums but are tolerated by others.

Discussion topics could include whether:

  • selfies are a sign of narcissism,
  • the taking of selfies (with or without selfie sticks) should be banned in certain places,
  • it is acceptable to edit or even photoshop a selfie before it’s posted,
  • people who post too many selfies on social media risk damaging their real-life relationships
  • selfies will continue to be big in 2015 or are people beginning to tire of them?